CHOCOLATE that lifts the spirit!

Inspiring every single moment with the luxurious taste of our superb fine artisan chocolates!

Chocolate for pleasure and Chocolate for health!

Migaloo means “spirit-soul” in the Australian Aboriginal Culture

We go beyond your chocolate cravings. We put our hearts into every piece we create that turns into a unique bite and a delightful experience for you. As Artisan Chocolatiers, we truly believe everyone in the process of creating our chocolate is special and important, from the farmers to you.

Migaloo Chocolatier was born from the heart of a dream that becomes true in every piece of our fine creations.

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Every piece...

Aromatic bouquet of pure cacao taste with Migaloo Truffles, Marbles, Spreads and much more!

Our creations will take us to a state of joy and well-being due to its effects on our central nervous system enabling alchemy to happen. 

Let the magic happen and enjoy healthy chocolate!

We’re based in Cypress TX and ship across the US.