About us

Migaloo means “spirit-soul” in the Australian Aboriginal Culture.

Migaloo Chocolatier was created in memory of the beloved late husband of one of the co-founders. Along their life together, they toured several places of artisan chocolates and he came up with the idea of starting an artisan chocolate business when he retired. Today, he is not physically here anymore, though he is fully present in a different version of reality. His wife and co-founder decided to adventure on this journey alongside her youngest sister, who was always special for him.

We are honoring his wishes and following his dreams! And now, they've become ours with limitless joy!

Every piece of Migaloo Chocolatier is a fine, fascinating, and unique mix of ingredients that will lift our spirit and take everyone to its highest vibrational sequence! Our chocolates will take us to a state of joy and well-being due to its effects on our central nervous system enabling alchemy to happen. 

Let the magic happen and enjoy our healthy chocolate selection!

Since we decided to adventure on this journey, we have been in a continuous learning process, including “Theory, Techniques & Hands-on Chocolatier Certificate”, Chocolate Bean to Bar Workshop at Dallas and individual workshops with Gourmet Chefs and Chocolatiers in the United States and Mexico.

Chocolate is our passion and making a difference is our joy!