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Gourmet Spreadable Chocolate

Gourmet Spreadable Chocolate

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Beyond Delectable! Our Gourmet Spreadable Dark or Milk Chocolate made with flavorful Belgian Chocolate and handcrafted with love has it all. Enjoy the smoothness of the Belgian Chocolate, the crunchiness of the chia seeds and the tasteful notes of the Mexican Vanilla!

Spread it on bread, biscuits, croissants, on top of your favorite fruit or simply add it to a cup of coffee.

Chia Seeds have a unique ability to gel and expand, increasing the crunchiness and satisfying experience. White spots may be present, happening for two reasons: the hydration behavior of chia seeds and the natural crystallization of the cacao butter. This is expected to happen; simply microwave for 20-30 seconds.

Once you taste it, it will become your best-loved spoonable treat!

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