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Migaloo Marbles

Migaloo Marbles

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Migaloo Marbles, like no other!

Migaloo Marbles are one of the most addictive and yet healthy members of Migaloo family!. Perfect for gift giving and enjoyable for gift yourself!

We use delicious, high quality Chocolate from an organic Hacienda in Tabasco, Mexico to coat our Colombian Coffee Beans, Goldenberries (Ecuador & Peru), Cranberries, and Almonds. 

Mexican Chocolate features unique bold flavors and rustic texture that you just can’t get in any other type of Chocolate!
Mexican Chocolate is also SO unique that it’s used as food and not as candy in Mexican Cuisine! 

If you’re looking for our best seller, go for the Almonds, or if you enjoy the richness of bold coffee, your choice would be the espresso Coffee Beans.

If you prefer to enjoy the extra health benefits of a superfood, Goldenberries are your choice.

Cranberries are the newest addition to the Marbles' family. Along with the Dark Ch coated Almonds and Dark Ch coated Coffee Beans, all coated with 75% cacao, these three are the Vegan & Soy Free exquisite treats for you.

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